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Elen Golightly


At the heart of the DPUK Data Portal, we are committed to safeguarding the integrity and security of the data we manage. As part of my role, I am dedicated to conducting meticulous Data Quality Checks on the diverse cohort data entrusted to us.

As a crucial element of our due diligence, each new or updated cohort dataset we receive undergoes a comprehensive review. This includes a thorough examination for any variables containing Personally Identifiable Information, such as full dates of birth, names, and addresses. We flag variables that pose potential disclosure risks and communicate these back to the data owners for resolution before the data is released to researchers.

I enjoy automating processes and I am currently exploring tools to aid in automating and enhancing the efficiency of our PII detection processes. Our researchers access this data within a secure environment and it is vital that we protect individuals’ privacy for the data they have generously provided. We therefore also apply strict Statistical Disclosure Control rules when reviewing results that our researchers request to bring out of the portal for publication.

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